Water damage in Las Vegas homes is one of the leading conditions that put the safety and value of properties at risk in the city. it is for this reason that it fills homeowners or property managers with so much dread.

Causes of water damage

Flooding, burst pipes, plumbing leaks etc. are some common cause of this type of damage and when they happen, it cause water to seep into porous materials and structural cavities.

Other causes include poorly fitted windows, blocked drains, washing machines, and dish washers. HVAC, roof leaks, and damaged gutters are also culpable causes that are quite common in Las Vegas.

Indeed, here are numerous causes of water damage in Las Vegas and each with its own complications. Whatever the cause, identification of the source of water is an important first step to finding a lasting solution.

Effects of Water Damage

When there is a leak or flood, it eventually results in creating damp conditions which further creates a favorable environment for mold spores to germinate and grow.

Early signs that should send warning bells ringing include odors, mold patches, peeling, cracking, musty smells, and splitting.

It is therefore important and a matter of responsibility for every home owner to detect signs or water damage early and treat the situation as an emergency irrespective of the cause to safeguard their property and guarantee the health of their family and loved ones otherwise the resultant havoc would be too great to deal with.

Dealing with water damage efficiently in Las Vegas

And the best bet for property owners to when you suspect water damage or leaks is to find an experienced professional especially if the signs are not obvious.

Step 1: In addressing the issue, an initial investigation to assess the situation is carried out. Here our experts will use inspect your home using specialized equipment including thermal imaging, dew point calculators and so on are employed for accurate leak detection and damp mapping. The aim is to make accurate discovery and diagnoses of the problem whether it is invisible of external.


Step 2: Water extraction using truck-mounted extractor to rapidly remove water from your property. The method we employ is faster than dehumidification and our staff will strive to remove standing water from hidden and open areas of your home using the extractor. it s not uncommon for us to want to remove certain items from your home such as baseboards and cabinets at this stage to allow for free access to hidden area. 

Step 3: Drying of carpets, floors and other appropriate materials on-site quickly. This is crucial to prevent further damage and dampness from forming.

Water damage for any Las Vegas property should be seen as an emergency situation by home owners and property managers if they want to protect the health of inhabitants of affected homes and avoid costly expenses in the future. This is why our experts are standing by any time of the day- 24/7, 365-days a year to quickly respond to your call.

The combination of rapid response, state-of-the-art technologies, and deep expertise is all you need to prevent further losses and safeguard your building. This is our promise to you – take us up on our word, call us now.