Mold removal including mold spores is what we do best so the safety and health of your Las Vegas home can be guaranteed

Let’s be honest with you: your Las Vegas home has got mold spores, construction or age irrespective. These spores are however harmless until the condition becomes perfect for them to grow. High humidity, dampness and darkness are some key conditions that can trigger mold spores to germinate.

That is why every home owner should treat every case of water damage as a priority because it creates favorable conditions for mold to thrive. Furthermore, it is quite unfortunate that many home owners never seem to see the danger with damp conditions not realizing how prevalent it is. Poor ventilation, inadequate heating and the use of LPG and paraffin plus the airtight nature of the modern day home are some reasons why dampness seems to be on the rise. And so does the incidence of mold in many homes today.

And because by their very nature, mold requires the barest to proliferate, they can quickly spread and become a major health risk to the occupants of any type of building be it residential or commercial.

What this means is that the longer you allow the condition to fester, depending on the species of mold involved the greater the danger you, your family or loved ones are likely going to find yourselves. So you should do the needful.

This is where a mold removal company that has served the city of Las Vegas for decades would be of tremendous help to you and your house hold. With the right capacity to help you get rid of mold whether they arise from water damage or damp conditions in your home.

Why Mold can mean a big problem for your home

In most cases home owners only react when they notice mold patches, unfortunately most take action only to discover their actions was a tad bit late. To get the best results and to ensure the health and safety of your home, mold removal processes should be carried before it proliferates and cause more damage.

Here are some dangers of waiting longer:

·        Allergies and Infections

    If mold is not removed, its spores can lead to lung infection for individuals with poor immune system and if you or any member of your family suffers from asthma then, mold spores can trigger reactions more frequently.


·        Property Damage

   Mold are known to “decompose” organic substrates  and this can lead to the damage structures that support your building like walls and support beams. Other part of your property that can become affected include floors, furniture, and clothing.


·        Financial Implications

   Increased medical bills or repair costs are ways mold can make a negative impact on your budget. That’s not all, if you desire to sell your property; the presence of mold will affects its value and would also discourage potential buyers from going through with a purchase.


Most effective mold removal strategy for your Las Vegas home

Once you’ve noticed mold over your walls, ceilings, furniture or you can perceive a “moldy smell,” the best line of action would be to invite a professional mold removal service company in Las Vegas to your home.

Las Vegas mold removal process

·        Initial inspection and assessment

Our mold removal expert or hygienist will identify the condition promoting mold growth and then identify the extent of mold spread and also the extent of the condition supporting its spread whether it is water damage of general dampness. We use special equipment and techniques like moisture meters, thermal imaging technologies and air sampling to assess and determine the extent of the situation.


·        Containment

Some containment techniques used include plastic sheeting, HEPA filtration, and negative air machines. The purpose of containment is to arrest and control mold spores that can become aerosolized when we begin the process of mold removal.


·        Removal

Basically at this stage our team would carefully remove all the materials mold has damaged. in most cases, furniture, insulation, carpets, sheetrock and other kind of porous materials are most affected.


·        Decontamination

While porous materials can be removed and cleaned and decontaminated elsewhere, we would use cutting edge tools like HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing, and other special cleaning methodologies to clean then disinfect your non-porous or semi-porous materials indoors including metal, plastic, concrete etc.


·        Testing

After the mold removal activities including cleaning and decontamination, air samples and samples from surfaces would be collected and tests carried out on them to confirm the of the efficiency of the mold remediation exercise.

Our experienced and highly skilled and trained mold removal experts rely on IICRC approved methodologies together with the latest equipment for every mold removal project to ensure the best result.  We would like your home to be the next to receive our expert touch- contact us now to schedule an appointment.